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 Game Type Loader [ Halo Trial ]

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PostSubject: Game Type Loader [ Halo Trial ]   Tue Jan 20, 2009 9:10 pm

I guess this has been deleted from most servers. Not mine!!! Any way hard to get too. This is cool. You can have tanks, ghosts, shees, hogs, all of it. Not turrets for some reason...

Okay ppl dont seem to get how this works. Go to Halo Trial, create game, etc, when you get to the part where it says ctf or slayer, stop. Minimize it, go to this, Game Type Loader, select what game you want, load game type, and then go back to halo, click okay, enter info, game name, etc. Thats it!! if you want to change in game, go to game options, new game, do the same thing. This time minimize halo, and click on load default ctf. Then go back to halo, and click on bloodgulch, and then stop. Stop it when it says ctf or bloodgulch. Go back to the game type loader, load the game type you want, and then go back to halo and click on ctf and click okay. There it is!

Click here to download
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Game Type Loader [ Halo Trial ]
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